Its rare to find an exhibit that can slow down an entire room. These days at museums you are often moving from piece to piece as the clicks of someone’s iPhone camera interrupt your thoughts.

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Anri Sala’s “Answer Me” at the New Museum. Sala primarily focuses on creating video installations in which the perception of the sound is just as great as the featuring of the musician. He also chooses to focus on the uniqueness of their skills, whether that means looking at a pianist who can only play with the left hand or a DJ mixing for an empty room.

In one piece Sala films saxophone player Andre Vida as he performs amongst the windows of a suburban apartment complex. If you are lucky with timing, you can watch the film with a live saxophonist accompanying him behind the screen. What’s great is how the audio creates a stillness among the viewers, who almost accept the work as a moment in time to be experienced.

Have you ever been to an exhibit that has had this effect? What other artists do you think have this ability?

– By Nicole, Intern at StudioDoré