Every once in a while, we take a few minutes to discuss important cultural events over Skype. Here we discuss Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance…

[2/4/13 5:19:40 PM] Garance: Guys, did you see Beyoncé yesterday ?
[2/4/13 5:19:51 PM] Garance: I thought I was gonna rip off my pjs
[2/4/13 5:20:01 PM] Garance: I wanted to look like her, I started dancing in front of the TV
[2/4/13 5:20:26 PM] Emily: i was screaming, with my hands in the air the entire time
[2/4/13 5:20:33 PM] Garance: Scott was like hey, we should watch the Super Bowl more often
[2/4/13 5:20:45 PM] Alexandra: My thoughts on Beyonce at the Bowl can best be expressed through emoticons:

[2/4/13 5:21:19 PM] Emily: i think im going to keep my hair long just so i can whip it in the faces of my fans while i roll around on stage
[2/4/13 5:21:39 PM] Garance: I know !!!! and did you see when ppl were trying to touch her ?
[2/4/13 5:21:44 PM] Emily: Yes!
[2/4/13 5:21:54 PM] Garance: OMG I would have been exactly like that, trying to get a piece of her hair
[2/4/13 5:21:58 PM] Alexandra: the touching people scares me, what if someone would’ve yanked her into the crowd?!
[2/4/13 5:22:11 PM] Garance: lol, she knew EXACTLY where to stand
[2/4/13 5:22:26 PM] Garance: I calculated it, there was no way somebody could make her fall
[2/4/13 5:22:33 PM] Garance: SHOW SCIENCE GUYS
[2/4/13 5:22:33 PM] Emily: but when the other destiny’s child girls came out
[2/4/13 5:22:42 PM] Emily: i felt like a 13 year old again
[2/4/13 5:22:56 PM] Garance: I am ashamed but I personally didn’t recognize them ?
[2/4/13 5:23:48 PM] Alexandra: well you probably would’ve recognized them if you had seem them like this:

[2/4/13 5:24:00 PM] Alexandra: minus the one in the middle
[2/4/13 5:24:01 PM] Garance: totes
[2/4/13 5:24:07 PM] Garance: who the hell is that ?
[2/4/13 5:24:11 PM] Alexandra: ex member
[2/4/13 5:24:23 PM] Alexandra: you can tell they didn’t want her around putting her in that denim bra
[2/4/13 5:24:25 PM] Garance: she must have done something really wrong
[2/4/13 5:24:18 PM] Emily: i have no idea what her name is
[2/4/13 5:24:21 PM] Emily: i only know dawn and kelly
[2/4/13 5:24:26 PM] Alexandra: dawn?!?
[2/4/13 5:24:29 PM] Alexandra: who is dawn?!
[2/4/13 5:24:35 PM] Emily: she was the other one last night
[2/4/13 5:24:36 PM] Emily: besides kelly
[2/4/13 5:24:37 PM] Alexandra: no
[2/4/13 5:24:38 PM] Alexandra: michelle
[2/4/13 5:25:06 PM] Garance: OMG Em !!!