Fashion week month was not the kindest to my skin…

Let me rephrase: I was not extra kind to my skin during fashion month. One bite into my first baguette and I could feel it starting to turn on me. The combination of not always eating the best foods mixed with some late nights and a few early morning backstage call times (not to mention that I could only select of few of my favorite products to pack with me) meant my skin was a bit angry.

It was dry, it was oily, I had spots popping up everywhere (thank you to my MAC concealer for helping me out with those). I couldn’t wait to get home and give my face some serious TLC. I love Paris, but I think I love my beauty product arsenal a little bit more…

I had a paper chain counting down the hours until I was reunited with my Eve Lom cleanser (it’s the one that Alice told us about. I was intrigued, tried it and my life will never be the same). It was the first thing I put on my face when I got home and I felt instantly better.

Next step? My Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask (This is my newest beauty obsession. I call it my pre-date mask. Not that I’m going on a ton of dates (ha!), but when I do, it’s my secret weapon for being more Gisele like). The mask makes your skin extra-glowy and helps to clear up spots.

And finally, my One Love Organics serum (I told you about it before, it’s a permanent part of my skin care army).

After these three glorious steps, I was starting to feel and look like myself again. Oh, I also caught up on Scandal, so now I’m feeling 100% back to normal.

What are your go to products when your skin needs a little extra love?