As you may know, I love the spa (I am a Taurus and I’ve heard that the life goal for a Taurus is to be in the search of sensual pleasures, so it’s totally not my fault!) so I try as many as I can…

For facials, I love the Caudalie spa, it’s amazing, I’ve told you about it before.
For last minute massages, the Nail Spa at the corner of my street is perfect and cheap.

But for the days where the world is against me, my tire gets a flat, it’s raining on my face and my phone is out of battery, there is the Shibui Spa.

The Japanese massages are so good that after one you feel like you’ve just done three hours of yoga and meditation.
And the big plus is the swimming pool. So on days when I really need a break, I go there two hours earlier, get myself a matcha tea (they also serve sake at the swimming pool, love that idea) I swim, go in the sauna and I surf the Japanese vibe.

Okay, and so not only am I giving you the address, but also the name of my masseuse, her name is Michiyo.

What’s your favorite type of spa? Is there any you feel I absolutely need to try?

Shibui Spa at The Greenwich Hotel, 377 Greenwich Street, New York, 212.941.8900.