There are two things that nobody wants to face: their closet and their mirror.

– Betty Halbreich

I am only up to Chapter 3 of Betty Halbreich’s Secrets of a Fashion Therapist, but so far I am loving it.

“It’s an age of cloning: too many fashionable women today all try desperately to look the same.”

Betty has been dressing women at Bergdorf Goodman since 1978, and has seen it all! Whether it is persuading you to chuck your neglected clothes, or investing in wardrobe staples, Betty has a way of saying it all in a very charming but direct way.

“Think of building your wardrobe as an ongoing project– not a chore, but a carefully calculated labor of love.”

Have you ever used a personal shopper? I kind of like the idea of having a fashion fairy godmother to help navigate and improve my wardrobe…

– Tamar