Ok, I know I know… We all have a resolution (or fifty), but this one I’m determined to stick out for all 365 days. It’s more of a year-long challenge, and this one’s a tough one. (It’s going to be a really long year, I can already feel the pinch…)
Drum roll, please!

I’m not buying any new clothes in 2016.

Yep, no new clothes. Nada. Zilch. I’m wearing the threads I own until, well, they’re threadbare (and also testing their resilience, haha). That’s what’s going down… But I stress the ‘new’. See, it’s more about less waste; I have been really giving thought to what fast fashion means for the environment and for workers in the factory where these garments are made, so I’m giving it a personal veto for a little while. Second-hand or vintage clothing, basically anything recycled is A-OK (hello, eBay wonder purchases!).

Here are the self-imposed rules:

1. No new clothing items to be purchased until the conclusion of 2016, excepting underwear and swimwear.
2. Sustainably and ethically made gifts are fine.
3. Recycled clothing fine.
4. ONE wild card purchase permitted for the entire year, cannot be “fast fashion”. 
5. Be thoughtful in other purchases as much as possible too (food, homewares, etc).

So, I’m several days in and I can already feel how differently I’m responding to sale notifications and how I’m looking at my wardrobe. I am going to have to bevery inventive. I’m a little nervous, but mainly excited!!! Expect my vintage game to go up a couple of notches (hopefully), and I’ll take all the luck and support I can get!

Anyone else taken this crazy path before me? How much do you think about the way you shop? Brie and I have been talking about it more and more of late…