Three days out, I’m still not sure… So I’ve decided I’ve gotta put together a pro/con list on this one and see how it pans out.

Oh and also an “Am Not Sure What I Think,” an ANSWIT…

On the Moulin Rouge Subject:
The famous Gatsby parties felt like Moulin Rouge all over again, even though I never saw Moulin Rouge (I saw the trailers and it seems a little too Disneylandy for me). They’re very beautiful but they’re very, very syrupy (is that a word in English? When you want to describe something a little cheesy / overdone?).
Love ’em or hate ’em, I guess.

On the Leo DiCaprio Topic:
Pfff, Leo is amazing. Leo is a really, really, really, amazing actor. Viva Leonardo DiCaprio!
Pro. Big Pro. If nothing more than to go see Leo, go see the movie.

On the Yo Bitch Theme:
The music is anachronistic, edited by god (Jay Z) meaning that like in “Marie Antoinette” by Sophia Coppola (but 7 years later), you can hear Kanye and Lana Del Rey. The music was great, but actually, I don’t know if it added to the movie or was just a nice distraction and seemed a little too “trying to be cool.”

On the Costumes Front:
The Prada designed costumes were sublime and the studied fashionista can even recognize a few Prada hits from collections past (edited slightly, of course. This film was everything but cheap), like the Chandelier collection or the stripped fur, to name a few. It’s a little too distracting but since not everyone is a studied fashionista, and it’s just so beautiful….

On the New York City Subject:
I thought you didn’t get to see enough of New York in the ’20s. But then again, I’m not Baz Luhrman!

On Carey Mulligan:
Ok, Carey isn’t… She’s more very cute than striking (even though we LOVE her style at the studio), so at the start, I can’t say I really got the casting. Why would Gatsby fall so head-over-heels for her? Her character doesn’t even show a crazy amount of spirit or wit, so it’s a little meeeeh.

But then you get that Carey is simply a projection of love.

The problem is that even after you get that, the character is a little flat (also, difficult to compete with the barnum going on all around) and you don’t believe the whole love story thing. Which sucks because that’s kind of the whole point of the movie.

On Tobey Maguire:
His name is very roarin’ ’20s so that’s already pushing him toward the pro side. Actually, that’s all I really have to say about him.

On aaaall thaaaat symbolism…
The movie is extremely generous with symbols and not-so-hidden clues that explain what the movie is saying in case you didn’t get it yet.
Like when Gatsby is looking at his ladylove’s house from across the water with his unbridled passion-filled eyes and he reaches his hand out and air-closes his fist, you may or may not think this is a gesture Baz borrowed directly from Mariah Carey.
Con, honestly.

Voilà! If I forgot something important, just ask me, and tell me what you thought!!! I could talk about movies FOR HOURS.