I’m trying to come to terms with my middle part.

For years (like really, so many years) I had a deep side part and dramatic side swept bags. You never saw both of my eyes at the same time, which in my head made me mysterious, in reality made me partially blind. I thought I would keep those bangs (and that look) for the rest of my life, it becoming as iconic as Anna Wintour’s bob.

Then one day, I blacked out and got straight across bangs with a middle part. I’ve told you that story before and how it traumatized me to the point where I didn’t really do much to my hair for a while, afraid of making another big, huge, life altering mistake (yeah yeah, it’s just hair, it will grow back).

And now here I am today: grown out bangs, long layers and a middle part.

Most of the time, I feel exposed, like my forehead is this giant billboard walking down the street. I don’t really have anything to hide behind anymore. I can see out of both my eyes most of the time. I have a tendency, which Erik has pointed out a number of times, to push my hair in front of my face throughout the day, so I look kind of like the girl from The Ring (if you haven’t seen it, don’t watch it, too scary). I rarely wear my hair pulled back, again for fear that I’m going to just be all forehead (if you didn’t know it, now you do: I have a forehead complex). But today, yes TODAY, I’m turning over a new leaf. I’m leaving behind my forehead complex and I’m moving forward with my middle part! I’m tucking my hair behind my ears!

I’m a new woman. I’m a new woman with a middle part.

Do you change your part often or have yout stuck with one for a long time?