It’s funny how much your style can change in just a few years.

I’m coming up on my four year anniversary with New York City. I moved here six months after I graduated from college in Minnesota. During a recent spring cleaning adventure, I came across some of the pieces I was wearing non-stop when I first arrived here: paisley print silk dresses, flouncy black skirts, things with bows. When I look at these things now, I can’t believe I ever wore them. My style is a lot more simplified now. I don’t wear many patterns, I rotate between white, grey, black and olive on top, I don’t often wear dresses and the only embellishments are the buttons on my jacket.

Every once in a while I see myself gravitating back towards one of those things from my past style life, like yesterday when I sent my best friend a link to a tie-dye dress from Isabel Marant and asked her if I should get it. Her response? “That thing is so unlike you, I’m having an identity crisis. Can you please tell me what your brain is doing?”

I’ve started to wonder what caused this change in my style. Is it New York? Working in fashion? Or just a change in taste? Have you had a style evolution?