This is a serious fashion situation…

In my in the field market research (sometimes I need to visit Zara and Prada on a Friday afternoon to , you know, see whats going on) I realized there has been a mass production of short rise jeans. You know what I’m talking about? The distance from the waistband of your pant to the crotch. Yep, I said it, crotch.

The thing is… short rises can be short on attractiveness too. Its one thing to want to shorten the size of your behind*, but the front too? It gets a little confusing. Soon there will just be a little tag to insinuate the fact that a longer normal length zipper used to be there.

Here’s my advice for finding the right rise: make sure it is at least the length of your hand. Ah the hand, a simple tool you always carry with you (if necessary, employ a handy man for assistance) that will ensure you look chic in those pants and not like your dealing with a zipper shortage.

*think the 70s when long butt was in, or just a few years ago when mom jeans made a reappearance