Great skin for people who love sleep.

I really like sleeping. I love my bed. I loooooove it. So of course, I’m inclined to pick up a product that does some serious work while I’m sleeping. Nothing beats the feeling of waking up in the morning to smooth, glowing skin. I started using Darphin Aromatic Purifying Balm a few weeks ago. My skin had been breaking out a lot (rosé and the sticky city to blame) and I was looking for something that would calm it down a little bit. And of course, if I could find something that was all natural I was all in.

Using it is easy: massage the balm, which has 12 different essential oils, all over your face (you don’t need a lot) and hit the sheets. I noticed results after the first night. I woke up with less spots, no redness and a smoother complexion.

I was hooked. I’m trying my best to follow the directions on the back that recommend use 1-3 nights a week. It’s really, really hard to not grab it every single night, so I’m alternating it with a rose oil, which I’ve also found does wonders for clearing up my skin (remember, it’s an anti-inflammatory).

Do you use a product that works overnight? And what is your go to for clear skin?