And by that, I mean the actual size of your wardrobe.

See, it’s a big thing to consider when you’re working with limited square footage in a city like New York. You basically squeeze as much into any spare space you have, which is partially what inspired me to cut back on new purchases — I was in status overload, or overflowing if you will.

All of us in the studio have different tactics when it comes to organizing our beloved closets…

I have a “summer wardrobe” and “winter wardrobe” and a “seasonless wardrobe”, so I do a swap every six months or so, just keeping the seasonless essentials out year-round. I also have shoe racks galore and layer my hangers with at minimum two pieces each.

Brie keeps her vast footwear collection under her bed, Amanda makes maximum use of the closet in her hallway, Emily is the master of wardrobe clean outs (every single season), Elle swears by super thin hangers (??), and Erik just opts for a pretty concise, neutral wardrobe (trust the male in the studio to use logic, bah!). G is actually amazing at cleansing her wardrobe on the regular…

A woman I know who lives in a perfect but petite studio that she has barely any kitchenware, she uses that storage for clothes and accessories. It made me laugh because, almost anywhere else that would seem insane, but it makes complete sense in New York. I swear.

How do you make the most of the space you have? Any pro-tips to share with us?