I was reading your comments about “Perfect Friends” yesterday (all very engaging!), and I found that one really interesting…

It’s a com from Pixelite:

I have just read this 5 min ago, seems to be relevant to your topic,

“Cosmetic surgery fundamentally is about businesses trying to convince people to get unnecessary, invasive, very risky surgery. They know as well as everyone else does that women hate their bodies on a massive scale, and the solution they offer is the knife; they don’t say, actually, we need to change the culture which is fuelling the self-hate and making women feel like this. They say, cut up your body to fit the culture.”

and, on the other hand,

“I don’t believe anyone has the right to judge another woman for the choices she makes in a highly sexist culture. Women have to find ways to survive and get by each day, and how we do that will depend upon our circumstances. I think judging other women on that basis is the antithesis of what feminism is about.”