A few of our favorite comments from yesterday’s post on nudity!

“Something similar happened to me, but it was my friends father as I came running up the stairs and he got out of the bathroom from the shower. Except honestly… I think I was in such shock that it “his area” was blurred like you’d see on TV. I couldnt even tell you what it looked like, except that there is was… I almost wonder if it ever happened.” – Annika

“My inner exhibitionist is not out streaking but she’s in there somewhere, with her arms crossed over her tits.” – Camille

“…There’s everything wonderful about human beings in their essential simplicity, no matter how old or in what shape. People who take life drawing classes know this. The variety of the human form is amazing. Next time you feel inadequate because of women’s magazines, go look at women naked in a gym locker room—every shape and size and possibility. We’re human.” – Mouse

“…while completely naked I feel in more harmony, all comes togetter perfectly, even if I don’t a perfect body, you know what I mean?” – Gabriela

“I think I’m old-fashioned in so many ways. Nudity scares me, like really.” – Mun