Newsletters drive me crazy. I’ve subscribed to maybe three newsletters in my entire life.

And even so, I think I must receive at least 200 per day.

Arrrrgh noo but no but noooooo! Come on, seriously, no! I can’t take it anymore!!!

It drives me so crazy that in the past, I’ve even tried leaving behind an email address to start a brand new email life elsewhere. Pfff. After about two months, it starts all over again. I’ve tried starting over twice, and finally I just gave up.

It’s so annoying. I don’t even see my friend’s emails anymore, I end up skipping over emails that I actually should read (as soon as I see anything that looks a little too colorful, an alarm goes off in my head and I hit delete without even thinking about it) so anyway, my inbox is becoming a hostile place that I hate going to.

My friends know this about me, so they text me instead.

Ok, I know I shouldn’t complain. I have a blog, so it’s normal for people to want to pass information along to me. But even with my most confidential email addresses, it happens fast. All I have to do is buy a pair of shoes online and I get an avalanche of news for the rest of my life.

The other day, I bought these Massimo Dutti shoes (these ones here — they’re sublime, go ahead, tested and approved par moi) and ever since, Massimo Dutti feels totally at home with me. I tried to unsubscribe earlier, and I had to confirm 3 times!!! And when I was buying the shoes, I specifically indicated that I DID NOT WANT TO SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR #@$%& MAILING LIST!!!!
(So annoyed.)

So now, I’m getting paranoid. I never give out my email address for any reason. I go on unsubscribe-me rampages (= a whole hour spent in front of my computer unsubscribing to things, what a life)(especially since I have a feeling unsubscribing doesn’t actually work) and end up writing whiny posts on my blog about it ;)

Even more annoying than getting a good newsletter when you actually wanted it in the first place is great!

I like Goop, for example, and the newsletter from The Line. I always open those.
Yes, because I made the conscious choice to SUBSCRIBE.

(I really like our newsletter too, of course, but I would NEVER sign someone up unless they asked me to.)
So voilà. I was just wondering how you handle the huge quantities of junk mail.

And also, are there any newsletters you love?

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Translated by Andrea Perdue.