I stopped saying goodbye when I leave parties. Yep. It may sound impolite, but I actually think it’s a lot more respectful.

Ever since we moved, Chris and I have been hosting parties. Sometimes planned (Chris used to be a bartender in another life, and with his current profession, he knows the art of how to plan a party in a snap) (I keep saying one day I’ll be the most amazing hostess and I’ll organize fantastic dinners) (patience, patience) sometimes impromptu. Sometimes we even have jazz concerts at home, it’s so cool. The first one was for my birthday, and we loved it, so that made us want to keep planning them.

Hosting a party creates a few moments of stress when you’re preparing because you really want everything to be lovely and you want everyone to have a good time. But there’s nothing like the stress of 7:30 when no one’s arrived yet, everything’s ready, and you say: “shit, no one’s going to come, our social life is a disaster” only to find yourself running around taking your guests’ coats and offering them drinks half an hour later.

But there’s also that moment when you’re getting crazy on the dance floor, or dying laughing with your friends, or mastering a new cocktail — basically saying “yes, our party is cool, everyone’s having fun!” — and a couple (yes, hahaha, couples are always the first to leave) comes up with their coat over their arms, a grim look on their face, and they announce: “we’re really sorry, but we have to say goodbye now” followed by any number of totally valid excuses (I’ve got a flight tomorrow at 6am, my babysitter is freaking out, I have to take my dog out, there’s a new series on Netflix…) and you have to see them to the door right when Hotline Bling comes on full blast (impossible not to dance) and excuse them for excusing themselves, and frankly, it’s probably just as awkward for them as it is for me, especially since now for three seconds I’m telling myself maybe people aren’t having that much fun after all if these two are leaving.

So I wanted to say it loud and clear: I don’t think there’s any point saying goodbye at a party. There you go.

By the hostess powers invested in me, I hereby declare you free from this burden.

No? What do you think?

Okay, next time let’s talk about the people who have too much fun and stay until 6am. Hahaha, I love them. Seriously!