They ordered what to where??!

Okay, so everyone at the studio is totally intrigued by the Net-a-Porter ads running on the site lately.

First, a disclaimer — Net-à-Porter never asked me to talk about their ads.

It’s just that I find their Net-à-Porter Live program so fascinating that I had to talk to you about it. First, it kind of gives you vertigo about how much people shop around the world (It. Never. Stops.), and then, it also creates funny reactions when you see who’s shopping where.

Christiana even spent a day tracking what was happening on there, or should I say, what was happening in our mind as we were watching the shopping carts pop on there…

“7:03am Someone in L.A. is buying Spanx, maybe I should consider… wait, what time is it there?!!

9:44am A Michael Kors dress was bought in Kalamazoo, Michigan (where could this person be going?). A black dress from The Row and leather Saint Laurent skirt were bought in New York (so predictable).

11:12am So many capes are being bough across the U.S.!!! Is my favorite Chloe cape about to be sold out? Yes, yes it is. Also a gold-plated Dolce & Gabanna crown is trending in Beijing? I won’t even ask.

12:57pm A teddy bear phone case from Moschino in Durham, North Carolina and L’Agent lingerie in Merrick, New York (it’s official, we know too much.)

3:28pm A-line skirts from Marni are trending on the West Coast, should I dust off mine for work tomorrow? Also that black dress from The Row is still popping up for New York, in case you could still distinguish one person dressed in black from another in this city.

3:33pm (5 minutes later…) Additional afternoon thoughts: are those Falke leg warmers only relevant in Michigan? Maybe I’m fit enough to have a Flashdance moment…

6:23pm Australians are buying Zimmerman swimsuits, which has me rethinking my over-excitement about this chilly Fall weather we’re having. Vitamin D > Cute boots.

9:35pm McQueen, Altuzarra and Valentino in the carts (must be a chic hour to shop!).

What shopping trends do you think will stick around for a while? Does seeing what other people are buying impact how you shop?