You know there’s something wrong when your guy friend smells better than you.

It happened to me the other day while I was getting coffee with one of mine. I kept getting whiffs of this delicious, flowery scent. I tried to seem super nonchalant about casually moving closer so I could take in more of the smell, but then just gave in and asked him what he was wearing that smelled so good. He told me it was called Goe Oil. I had never heard of it before. Great, he smells better and knows more about beauty than I do. I ran to the store to buy some and ended up getting the last tube in stock. Was I the only person who didn’t smell like a delicious, exotic flower?

After my first over-indulgent application I learned the value in following the directions on the back of products: “Goe Oil is a semi solid oil. Please use only a small amount.” Really, you don’t need much for this to work miracles on dry winter skin and to keep you smelling heavenly. Thanks Adam, I owe you one.

– Carolyn

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