Usually, I go for simplicity when it comes to style. I’m a pretty classic girl when it comes down to it.


Then it all gets let loose. For example, I’ve developed quite a taste for bionic looking goggles, and I love a good color explosion, shiny reflective gear every where, gimmie it all, I love it.

So here’s my new mask, a Von Zipper (I think this kind of a NO, NOT COOL!!! brand for TRUE SNOWBOARDERS, a group that I am, of course, a part of –okay, maybe I’m just their groupie that tries to follow them around without running into any trees.)(There have been quite a lot of trees… and they’ve done quite a lot of damage.)(I swear, I still can’t figure out the sound of the name of this brand.)(Scott actually finally gave it a shot this year, so maybe 10 years from now, when he learns to turn, I might finally have a snowboarding companion. Who knows?)(I’m kidding, Scott picked it up like a pro!!!) … So Von Zipper, I’m totally in.