The idea behind my stay in LA was to spend time writing, do yoga and eat macrobiotic food. Like a sort of pre-winter detox, I was picturing…

All right, so, you know me, it didn’t happen that way at all and I ended up drinking way more red wine than green juice but I still got to go a few times to yoga and I discovered something wonderful…

AntiGravity Yoga.

AntiGravity Yoga is a sort of yoga that you practice in a sort of very light hammock in which you can roll or attach yourself. You find yourself with your hair down, doing exercises in the air, shouting a lot.

I mean I shouted a lot. These types of exercises are a big challenge for me because I’m very scared of moving my body in space. I could never do a cartwheel and even back bending freaks me out.

I must have some sort of psychological thing…

I think that is why I love the exercise so so much. After class, I not only felt totally zen, but having been able to trust myself enough to be able to roll on myself and end up head down (as you see me doing in the picture) gave me the feeling I had totally outdone myself.
I felt elated for days after that.

The bonus also was that it totally relaxes the spine. My back hurts pretty often but here I left like I was walking on a cloud.

In short, I absolutely totally adored it, it’s my new favorite activity, because it mixes all the things I love: yoga, fun and even a little dose of Cirque Du Soleil!!!

Have you ever tried? Do you know a good studio in downtown New York?