Apart from my usual faves, here the apps I use the most right now…

Because a really well organized task list makes me feel like a really well organized woman.

Jewel Mania
Don’t ask me why I spend so much time on this game, it’s the same kind of relationship I had with Tetris when I was 14 and had a Gameboy. Unhealthy but goooood. (Yes a Gameboy, jeeeze, these tech things give up our age more than any wrinkle would do !!!)

None of my friends have that app and since it’s social I feel a little bit alone (hellooooo anybody out there ?)(I feel like it’s more for teenagers), but I love the idea of a stupid photo or video that you can send to your contacts being sure that once they’ve seen it, its gone forever. Well unless you do a sreengrab, like I just did for the beautiful opener of this post. In that case, you’re screwed ;)

A totally stupid app but it lets me calculate the infamous American “tip.” No, I still haven’t figured out how to calculate 20% all on my own. Yeah, I know… I KNOW.

A service that will get you a really comfortable car really quick. Just get on the app and order away. It’s a little expensive compared with New York taxis, but when you’re lost in the depths of Brooklyn, it’s a life saver.