I’ve never been much of a heels girl. Yes, I am a measly 5’2″ which constitutes as pretty petite in an industry of tall, leggy models and fashion girls…

But I have always opted for comfort over height.

Now I’m not opposed to a heeled bootie, but we’re talking an inch or two (yeah 5’4″!! That makes me about average…) but when I saw these Prada pumps, all of my anti-heel thoughts were tossed aside for visions of myself as Emmanuelle Alt, our studio obsession. A Prada pump and a skinny jean and immediately I could picture it: running from show to show in the streets of Paris, being the perfecta fashion girl gliding through New York in 10cm heels.

For a flats girl, these were still a no brainer. I knew when I saw them that it was time to treat myself to something good, something that would become a staple in my wardrobe. (Note: they were still on sale, so not totally breaking the bank, kind of…)

So if Prada can get me into a pair of heels, who does it for you?