You’ve changed everything.

I have to admit, Bioderma was completely foreign to me before I started working with Garance. One day, we were working on a shoot and she asked me to grab the Bioderma. Huh? The what?

That was the day everything changed.

I stocked up the first chance I had when in Paris and really use it for everything. It’s a go-to when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to wash my face (even though I really am trying to stick to my beauty resolutions), it takes off my most long-lasting lipsticks and waterproof mascara with total ease, and one time, I even got a makeup stain on a shirt and Bioderma took it out…seriously.

It’s become easier to get here in the US, you can find it online and even at Sears (right?). So thank you Bioderma, thank you Garance and thank you France for this game-changing beauty find.