I love my hand steamer. I love it so much that I don’t even own an iron. I steam everything.

Cotton tee shirt? Steamed.
Jeans? Steamed.
Trench coat? Steamed.

When I used to work retail, I’d basically beg to steam the clothing that was going on the mannequins. I got some insane satisfaction from seeing a wrinkly pair of chinos go from zero to hero. I’ve had my steamer since high school. It came with me to the dorms my freshman year of college. It’s been with me at every apartment, weekend getaway and fashion week. That is until now. That’s right: I left my steamer at home during Paris fashion week (it’s not dual voltage, I couldn’t find a converter at Target, blah blah blah).


It wasn’t until today that I realized how out of balance my life had become. I’ve yet to wear any of the silk blouses I packed with me (no Altfits for this girl) and it’s because I’m not sure how to deal with their wrinkles. I’ve tried hanging them in the bathroom while I shower, hoping the steam will release each crease, but no luck. I’ve become so dependent on my steamer that I’m unable to get dressed without it. I even mistook this weird lamp in our apartment for a steamer earlier this week and started squealing with delight until I was told, “No Alex, that’s just a weird lamp…”

Any tips for surviving the rest of my time in Paris sans steamer? Do you steam or iron your clothes?