Despite having over 40 lipsticks/pencils/crayons (five of which are currently taking up residence in my handbag), I’ve been reaching for lip gloss.

I know what is running through your head, because it runs through mine too: I’m walking down the street, wearing a gloss, smiling at a cute boy when a huge gust of wind blows through and I am left awkwardly waving at him with pieces of hair stuck to my mouth (I have a vivid imagination, I’m aware…).

I’m pretty familiar with the world of lip gloss, as I was a huge advocate of Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes back in the day (the day when glittery lips were a must for math class) and then I switched to Clinique’s Superbalm (less sparkle, just as much shine).

Maybe it is the warmer weather or just a need for a break from matte lips, but I’m on a little bit of a gloss kick…I’ve been rotating NARS Lip Gloss in Dolce Vita and Lorac Co-Stars in Steamy Kiss (which is being discontinued–why?!–but you can still buy it here!).

What about you? Do you have a favorite lip gloss or is the hair-stuck-to-lips-in-front-of-a-cute-boy vision simply too terrifying?