It’s March and like everyone else in the fashion industry, we’re just finishing fashion week month! Our days have been filled with requesting samples, running to shows (Brie and Erik) and answering a lot of emails, so how do we handle it? Through my years of practicing yoga, I have learned that a simple meditation is the one thing in the morning (besides coffee of course) that gets me through my day successfully! Whether you are an avid meditator or a beginner, here are some simple mantras that I use to quiet the mind and body.

Find a quiet area and sit comfortably. Usually at home I sit on pillows and wrap myself in a scarf since its winter and chilly when I first wake up. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself the next five minutes (if not more) to just focus on breathing and relaxing.

The first mantra is OM – repeat this quietly in your head during each inhalation. The second mantra is Let Go – just keep telling yourself this (until you start believing it!) and continue to breathe deeply. If you lose concentration, gently bring your attention back to the mantras.

Do you have any mantras that help you during your meditation practice? We’d love to hear your tips!