I often receive a lot of questions, on a lot of subjects – nothing makes me happier than you thinking about me when you’re in doubt and I’d really love to answer everybody, but I just don’t have the time…

That’s why I thought I’d use technology (ahahah)(when it’s not really a NEW technology but it takes some time to go up to my brain) and that we could do a Google Hangout where I’d answer your questions.

For this first Hangout, I thought it’d be cool to talk about everything career, orientation and motivation, (not necessarily my career, but yours!) as I’ve received a ton of emails about that lately.

I think we’ll do that on Thursday, and it’ll last for about one hour. We’ll do it around 12pm New York time (6pm Paris time, 9am in LA)

Everybody will be able to see the Hangout live, but only 5 persons will be able to chat live with me at the same time (limits of technology) so once I’ve answered a question we’ll open the chat to a new person, etc. so I can try to meet as many of you as possible !

Wanna chat with me ?

Here’s how it works :

1/ Leave your questions in the comments and be careful to put your email in the box (it won’t be visible by the public, just by me, no worries)

2/ I’ll choose some of your questions, and we’ll send you an invite to chat with me (Emily will explain everything to you)

3/ We’ll meet on Thursday on Google + and wear something nice cause you’ll be filmed!!! ;-)))

If you can’t see the live, don’t worry, we’ll record the Hangout and publish it on our Youtube channel.
So, fingers crossed that everything will work perfectly and I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU GUYS.

PS: Abbie, Erin and all those who sent me emails, I hope you’ll be there on Thursday !!!