It’s spring yo!

I know that it’s spring because a) I shaved my legs (!!!) and b) my wool coat has been moved to the back of my closet!! Time to celebrate!

But first, it’s time to give our skin a little bit of TLC so that it’s ready for white shirt dresses and bermuda shorts and that means one thing: exfoliation.

You really only need two things to master the exfoliation process: something to scrub with and some exfoliator. See, super easy!

I recommend this exfoliating towel (my dear friend Jamie turned me on to it, and I’ll never pick up a loofa again)– it’s life changing (I know I say that a lot, but I mean it every time). With this bad boy, you can exfoliate every inch of your body…really.

But a great exfoliating towel is only as great as the exfoliating scrub. So, here are a few that I love/recommend for spring: Fresh’s Brown Sugar Scrub (I’m guilty of going into the store just to use it on my hands, it’s really good), Red Flower’s Lemon Coffee Blossom Olive Stone Scrub (I want to live inside of this jar) and Ahava’s Softening Butter Salt Scrub (your skin will feel like butter afterwards, in the best way possible).

Now go on, let those legs out!