You know that thing where you tell your friends, I mean you swear to them, that you’ve found the best new song/album/artist and they have to listen to them?

And your friends sort of nod along and tell you sure and forget about it. Then, voila, 4 months later your sitting around your desks at work and your friend says to you “OMG have you heard of [insert aforementioned artist here]???!?!!”

This is exactly what happened with Lorde at the studio. Of course, when my coworkers brought up Lorde a season or so after I’d sent them her EP/included her on every mix/played her on repeat every day, I was like “Ummmm, hello!!!”

Now, I’m not trying to sound cool — I am usually the last to find out about things (seriously, our intern makes me feel about a thousand years old with her pop culture knowledge… I’m 23). But here’s what I’m wondering: in these instances, how do you gently say “I told ya so” without sounding pretentious?

C’mon, tell me you’ve experienced this in the past? Any early Kings of Leon fans will know what I’m talking about.


By the way, if you’re also behind the curve, you can listen to Lorde’s album here: