To just give you my favorite places wouldn’t be good enough. To do them justice at all, I’d have to give you what time to go, where to sit, and what to order, right?

Take Otto for example… I love the restaurant, mostly because it’s two feet away from my front door but also because it’s Italian and so delicious (It’s one of star chef Mario Batali’s places).

But I never go at night.
There’s too many people, too much noise… not for me, but I love going in the afternoon with Scott for a quick lunch at the bar. The barman is always so nice and will recognize you after your second time there. All the daily newspapers are there if you’re there alone and lots of regulars around. You’ll feel like family.
Mario is there a lot too, sitting at the bar talking to a friend or someone from his team. Really, I just love the ambiance.

If you like pasta, have the fusilli. Soooo goood.

Pssssst, Otto also has some of the best ice cream in New York, made right there in the restaurant… True Italian ice cream, light and not too sweet.
And the worst? They deliver it!!! Yep, give them a call and suddenly bam, right there at your front door. It’s tough to resist, but Scott and I manage to… At least most of the time.
Whenever we just can’t say no, hazelnut stracciatella, for sure. Oooooh it’s so good!!!

Otto, One Fifth Ave, New York City 10003