You may have gotten the hint by now, I am a dreamer (shit that sounds really cliché in English) (and pretentious). I mean I love to dream (now I just sound stupid) oh well, you get it.

I love animated movies (Kung Fu Panda!!!), I love sci-fi (Battlestar Galactica!!!), I love outer space (Star Wars!!!), imaginary worlds (Prometheus!!!), impossible stories (Kill Bill!!!), unbelievable stunts (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!!!) and the list could go on forever.

Everything that can take me to worlds that don’t exist make me shiver.

So when I saw Life Of Pi’s trailer, I had a cinegasm. And the day it came out, I was there. My 3D glasses on.

So here is my late critique, very pro again : JUST GO SEE IT.

The movie is sublimity, the image is just a journey of the senses and you’ll see nature like you’ve never seen it before. It doesn’t surprise me coming from Ang Lee (he was the director for Crouching Tiger):

The man has such an overflowing visual sensuality, the movie is full pictural erotism.

I chose not to read the book before going to see it because I wanted it to be a 100% in the movie experience.

For me it’s the story of a man in front of his fear, it’s a movie about how to grow. It really is a movie about life.

It’s a movie that offers you so much that I could spend hours analyzing it – but this is exactly the mistake the movie doesn’t make.

It gives you the freedom to think what you want.

So I’ll just do that.

Have you seen it ?