Who knew an animal with such a ferocious reputation could be iconic….. on a polo shirt.

I remember when all I wanted was this light blue Lacoste polo for Christmas when I was, maybe 18 years old, and my brother got it for me! I kept it for nearly 10 years, finally deciding recently I no longer had use for such a top in my repertoire of tee shirts. Baby blue?! What am I en route to the country club to have a spritzer? 

And then, my friend Annabelle meets up the other weekend in a perfectly worn white Lacoste polo, white crop cigarette jeans, and brown penny loafers. I mean, the epitome of eternal cool. Not to mention she is of course, just the cutest (you know the there’sjustsomethingabouther type). But suddenly all I wanted was to have my polo back. 

Wasn’t it just my luck, J.Crew partnered with Lacoste for an exclusive set of polo shirts! Boom! And, just like that, I’m back in the polo-wearing, crocodile-loving game. I love when things work out like that, don’t you? 

White polo, Lacoste x J.Crew.