The dreaded costume party…

As a far off idea, somewhere in the distant future, they always seem so fun. Months in advance I have a million brilliant ideas of what to dress up as! Then, suddenly, it’s the day of the party and I’m totally costume-less.

It happens to me every year at Halloween (which is an incredibly important holiday in America when everyone dresses up as a. something witty, b. something scary, c. something sexy, d. a cat).

Every year, a few hours before I’m meant to meet my friends, I end up frantically hot-glueing something I dug out of a craft drawer to something even worse I found at a thrift shop, hoping that I’ll have figured out what the costume is by the time I’ve made it. I know this is a common problem (among my friends at least), but I always wonder about those few people who are actually able to pull together the brilliant costumes I had thought of months before…

In the spirit of upcoming Halloween parties, we wanted to share this Vanity Code video about picking the perfect (or least awful) costume:

What is your costume of choice? And more importantly, what should I dress up as for Halloween?