To hem or not to hem?

That is one of my (many) life questions. Over the weekend I took advantage of Uniqlo’s alternation service when I went to buy my 100th (okay, my 4th) pair of black ultra stretch skinny jeans. They run long. I mean like Karlie Kloss legs long. And I like to think I’m a pretty tall (my online dating profile measurement says 5’8). So it really is kind of sad that I never had them hemmed before. No, they aren’t dragging on the ground, but they do get a little bit, well, bunchy at the bottom.

Not chic Alex, not chic at all. WWEAD?

So, I had them hemmed to my perfect length (which is a little short, a hint of ankle). Do you know how life alt-ering (pun intended) it is to have jeans that hit exactly where you want them to?

Do you hem your jeans?