Tom Ford has “decided to age.”

I was pretty struck by what Tom Ford said in a recent issue of Women’s Wear Daily.

I found it funny that a man who admits to being in constant control of his image would get to the limit of his obsession: By saying he decided to “let himself age” (and stop any botox, fillers and who know what he does), he’s basically declaring that he’s the one who gets to choose (and not life) when to let himself age.

It’s interesting, because the more we are able to control the process of aging with cosmetics and surgery (the fact that the results of trying to control it are usually a catastrophe is another subject) the more common it is to make the choice one day to say to the world: “Ok, that’s it, I got old.”

It’s kind of like a woman deciding not to color her white hair anymore one day.

It’s probably pretty liberating, actually…

Photo: SGP Italia srl/WireImage