Last week we asked if you wanted a post on Britney, the comeback kid (who came back and back again)

So, here you have it! In the vein of our bellybutton ring post (yep, that happened) here is a brief history of the Britney Comeback:

High Point (1998-2002): All is well. Britney Spears dances into our hearts with “Hit Me Baby,” and manages to snag Justin Timberlake. The two wear matching denim outfits and Britney gives a number of awesome VMA performances. What could go wrong?

britney spears and justin timberlake jean photo

Low Point (2002): The denim duo break up. The world mourns. Justin’s “Cry Me A River” music video stars a Britney look-a-like who cheats on him — everyone is on Team Justin!

Comeback (2003): Remember a little song called “Toxic”? Yeah, we need Britney in our lives again.

High Point (2003): Britney and Madonna kiss on stage at the VMAs. Our minds are blown and Christina Aguilera is pissed!

britney and madonna kissing photo

Low Point (2004-2007): Let’s call this the “Chaotic Phase”. Britney’s shotgun Vegas wedding and annulment followed by her marriage to Kevin Federline leave fans less than happy with the pop star. A few Frappuccinos and barefoot gas station stops later, Britney finally comes out with a new album! We are excited until… The VMAs. SRSLY how did it go this far??!!! And how do we turn off our eyes?!!

Comeback (2008): Britney slowly reappears in the world and then: “Womanizer”. Need we say more? (okay we’re going to say one more thing)

High Point (2011): Britney is hired to be a judge on The X Factor. Meaning that millions of viewers trust her opinion of singing!! (Hello? Anyone?)

All this and her new single came out yesterday. You tell us, high point or low point?