After taking some quality time to reflect upon the Isabel Marant x H&M collaboration

We’ve all decided that it is definitely worth a wait in line for (and a lot of our predictions came true!). Due to the pressure of only having a few minutes to scoop up as much as possible, I tend to leave with many things I will never wear (I still have tags on pieces from the Lanvin x H&M collab, but I won’t ever part with them. And I’ve never carried my Margiela candy bar clutch) when it comes to these designer collaborations.

So this time, I’m going with a one item rule. I’ve got to pick just one thing. Of course, there is always the dilemma of picking the same one thing as everyone else and then that one thing being gone by the time I get a chance to scour the racks. But in my fantasy shopping world, my one thing will be there, in my size, just waiting for me as a reward for not going collab crazy. And one expert tip for collaboration shopping: don’t neglect the menswear. It’s often really really good and there are usually far fewer men camped out…

I asked everyone in the studio to pick their one thing also, below are our choices!

Tamar: These red trousers! I tend to be boring with my trouser choice, so these are muted enough for me to feel comfortable while still standing apart!

Emily: With all of the other options is my pick boring? Nah. If I’m going to stand in line for hours to get my hands on this stuff, then I want to buy something that’s versatile and I can wear often and for a long time, like this blazer/jacket. I like that I could wear it with a t-shirt in the fall and then layer up a chunky sweater underneath come winter and wear it more as a coat.

Christiana: I want this sweater. It might be from the men’s section (okay it’s definitely from the men’s section), but that will only guarantee an even more perfect oversized fit, right?

Alex: Okay, pulling from the men’s section isn’t cheating! This turtleneck sweater is fringey Isabel perfection.

Garance: I would pick this jacket, and wear it with everything, all the time. Can I also have the lace blouse? It would be so perfect with it!

What will you be buying?