Just a little mini post to talk to you about the series that I’ve been watching lately. What are you all watching? My shows of the moment are:


Created by Darren Starr (yes, the one from Sex & The City), Younger is the story of a 40-year-old mother who makes herself pass for a 20-something girl so she can find a job. It sounds kind of dumb when you put it that way, but it works pretty well, and I got hooked. Kind of like Sex & The City, it’s fun, poppy, colorful, smart, short, and it’s a nice break from the super heavy dramas like a lot of other series right now. Okay, it’s not going to shake up your neurons, but sometimes it’s nice to check out a bit, right?

The Affair

Hey, speaking of a good series that’s super heavy emotionally, you have to have pretty solid nerves to watch The Affair, but it’s worth it. I won’t tell you anything about the story, the title reveals enough, but the second season just came out on Netflix and I almost wish another snowstorm would hit New York so I’d have a good reason to stay in bed with my giant iPad (another thing I recommend for watching series cuddled up in bed — the iPad Pro!) and a jar of peanut butter.

Still just as good, even though it’s several years old now:

Friday Night Lights

It’s on Netflix now and I’m more or less re-watching it with Chris, who is totally addicted. I never would have been able to be interested in the lives of teenage American football players, but now that I’m watching it a second time, it’s pretty amazing. The camera work, the honest and tender exploration of middle America, it’s really a gem not to be missed if you haven’t already seen it. The actors are incredible and if nothing else, it’s worth watching so you can admire Taylor Kitsch and his three and a half facial expressions.

Oh and since you insist, here are the other series I’ve finished recently and loved, like really loved:

Doll & EmMaster of None, and of course, Narcos.

What did we even do before TV series?

Translated by Andrea Perdue