It hurts to say it, but I’m a loser. A sunglasses loser…

That’s the only thing I do, I lose my glasses. Even my favorite glasses, the ones I love, the ones I want to keep till the end of time.
I lose them, whether they are expensive or come from H&M, no favorites here, but there is a big sense of despair that’s growing in me, because of course the only ones I don’t lose are the ugly ones. Those ones obviously, I can’t seem to get rid of.

Like see the Pilots in the picture? I’ve been looking for them for two weeks. My folding Wayfarers? No idea where I’ve left them. My Tom Ford? I wanna cry, but they are MIA since last summer.

It’s weird cause with all my other accessories, I’m pretty good at keeping them for years. Maybe I should talk about it with my shrink.

Are you like me? Is there something you lose all the time? What can I do? Help!!!