I’ve had to wear glasses since I can remember…
Actually it was freshman year of high school when I realized that if I sat in the back of a classroom I literally couldn’t see anything on the chalkboard…

Since then, my glasses have become a permanent fixture on my face. I don’t wear contacts because I like having fun with different frames.

But driving in my glasses–that’s another story.

Every time I get in a car, regardless of how sunny it is I have to grin and bear it and wear my regular optical frames. I’m pretty sure that’s why at age 23 my lion’s wrinkle is so out of control. I’m essentially blind when I drive because if it’s sunny, forget about it. It’s too bright and I can’t see a damn thing.

Finally I said, Enough squinting! You are getting some prescription sunglasses! It’s been the biggest miracle in my life since my first Pradas. I can finally walk around the city and see peoples faces and street signs and drive without fear of running into everyone around me. There’s even hope that my lion’s wrinkle will have time to flatten itself out. Total eyewear victory!

PS: I got my pair from Warby Parker (Alex has them too!)