…into Thinking You are French.

A helpful guide from Brie & Alex (with Garance as our consultant)!

1. Have unlimited wine. That way you can begin drinking at 7pm and still have wine at 4am when everyone ends up back at your place eating cheese. Note: Also have unlimited cheese.

2. Eat bread. Baguettes. Croissants. Do this without gaining a pound.

3. Name drop. If you have enough French friends that work at Purple and Saint Laurent, people will think you are French by association. Right?

4. Take two months of vacation during the year. “Hey, what’s your plan for August?”

5. Sh&%!. Shout, “Merde!” all of the time.

6. Smoke.Or don’t smoke and just say you are off la cigarette.

7. Simplify your accessories. In the fall, carry Céline. In the summer, a straw tote. At night, nothing, why would you?

8. Non? Say “non” at the end of every sentence: “These shoes, are beautiful, non?”

9. Wind & water. Blame your impossibly chic hair on nothing but the wind and the water.

10. “Oh, it’s Isabel.” Even if it isn’t, that’s what you say.