A lesson from Stella McCartney…

Now these just might be the clothes that actually get me to go to the gym (I wouldn’t just wear them to look like I went to the gym…okay I might…). I’ve already used the excuse of not having any music to listen to, and now that New York Fashion Week is over, I can’t really keep using the fashion week excuse (which I already used to get me out of three bootcamp sessions) so my newest excuse shall be that I have nothing to wear. And we all know, that is the most important part of working out.

I mean, what if I go to the gym one day, in my kind of boring looking black work out pants (True confession: I have work out pants by Spanx, so I do look kind of like Gisele in them, but this is not the point), and there is Ryan Gosling (see how I’ve swaped Ryan for Tim Riggins here? I’m making progress!) on the treadmill next to me?! And I’m wearing my worn out college tee and my Spanx?! I mean, that can’t go over well. But if I’m wearing something really cool looking, like that orange hoodie and matching shorts, it will totally make up for the fact that I’m dripping sweat, red-faced and listening to some slightly embarrassing Miley Cyrus mashup while “running” at a speed of 2MPH. Right?

Ryan Gosling would approve, don’t you think?

PS: Garance said these things happen. She once went running at the gym next to Penn Badgley (aka Dan Humphrey)!!