I’m a super mega big time morning person. Like, it’s almost a problem. I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere, but basically starting at 5:30, the tiniest whisper or little bit of light will wake me up.

That’s how it’s always been. I’m super sensitive to noise, and I’m becoming more and more sensitive to light.

If I had the time (ha! I totally have the time: I’m on a plane) I’d tell you about the apartment I had where my room faced the street and after a few months I got really depressed and started having panic attacks. The culprit? Never getting a good night’s sleep. Too much noise. I thought I was sleeping, but I wasn’t getting deep sleep, and it ended up exhausting me. Crazy, right?

So I soon learned the magic of earplugs. And little by little, with the help of all the traveling I was doing, they became indispensable in my life. I don’t need them to sleep at home, unless I want to sleep in the next day (very, very rare) or I need to take a nap.

But traveling has taught me to be disciplined about having them on me. Too often, I’ve found myself not being able to sleep because of a noisy hotel. So now I always have earplugs with me.

I also recently discovered sleep masks. I’d brought a few home from airplane kits and I found myself using them a lot when I wanted to sleep longer. Honestly, it wasn’t great. I hate feeling weight on my eyes and having an elastic band around my head. It’s really uncomfortable.

Until we got to our Airbnb in LA and there was a huge street lamp shining into our room all night. I was waking up at 4am thinking it was daytime, so between that and jet lag, my internal clock and my sleep got totally out of sync. I was exhausted.

So I decided to get some sleep goggles, and after having no success looking around in shops, I looked on Amazon, geek paradise, and I found this great mask — it works really well, it’s comfortable — perfect.

So there you go, now I’m a pro at the art of sleeping.

Next step: keeping my phone out of my bedroom. Ugh, the thought sends chills down my spine.