I LOVE this ad for the For Her perfume by Narciso Rodriguez.
The purity of the first photo had me captivated right away…

They were taken by Inez and Vinoodh… such geniuses.

Carmen Kass, one of my favorite models, with her blonde locks, so sublime, pure, sensual.
I thought the choice to go with a braid was amazing, somewhere between super modern and ancient Greece.
I like that she’s not holding the bottle in her hand in the photo (apparently, if the model is holding the perfume in the ad, it’s supposed to sell better. It goes to show that sometimes you have to make your marketing decisions against the grain) and that this photo has continued to be the image for the perfume for a decade now.

That’s why when I saw this new photo of Carmen (for L’eau For Her by Narciso Rodriqugez), I was floored once again.

It’s hard to decode all the layers in such a successful ad.

I’m dreaming that one day I’ll have a tryptique (I’m sure they’ll do another one someday and she’ll be just as beautiful) of all the shots together.

I’d put the first one in the middle, I think. Because it still hits me just as strongly today.