Just hand Leo his damn Oscar already.
It’s about time.

This film, the latest offering from one of my favorite directors Iñárritu, is an epic, beautiful and emotion-stirring portrayal of a man struggling to survive in the unchartered wilderness of North America in 1823. DiCaprio’s depiction of Hugh Glass, a man on the edge of humanity, struggling to survive in an unjust and violent world is completely mesmerizing. A tour de force. I cried.

Basically, don’t go and see it on a first date unless you really like the guy and I recommend some waterproof mascara. It’s more of a movie to see with someone you’re totally cool with being all puffy-eyed with like your best friend or long-term significant other. I sat on the edge of my seat for at least 85% of the movie, cried a few times, blew my nose, and basically crushed Drew’s hand in suspense during several different scenes.

I love Iñárritu’s directorial work (Birdman, Babel)(he’s a creative genius, no?), but it does feel like DiCaprio’s movie. He does have a great cast supporting him, including the swoon-worthy Tom Hardy (who plays morally repugnant Fitzgerald)(still, can’t help but love him!) and you might recognize another face from Peaky Blinders – Arthur Shelby (actor Paul Anderson)!!!

I loved it, would see it again. Completely recommend seeing it at the cinema… Guessing this will take home at least a few Oscars (it’s been nominated for 12!). At times it’s maybe a little intense to a point where you might think, “Come oooon!!!” But it’s, overall, 156 compelling minutes of screen time.

Have you seen it?