I’ve been on a real kick of simplifying my beauty routine.

I finally cleaned out my bathroom and got rid of all of the makeup and cleansers that had been lying around for longer than I can even remember, mostly unused, since – let’s be honest, I can barely get moisturizer and mascara on my face…

So since I’ve cleaned house, I’ve been wanting to try new, simple things that make me look amazeballs. Enter Glossier’s Phase 1 Set. Besides the fact that the packaging is really fun, I love a kit that does everything—in this case cleanses, moisturizes, evens out color and de-chaps.

I’ve been using it for about two weeks and I have to say the Milky Jelly Cleanser is pretty awesome. I was very much on the Bioderma-only bandwagon for a long time because most things are too harsh and make my face freak, but this cleanser really cleans and moisturizes at the same time. My skin feels super soft and fresh after I use it (twice a day), and not stripped and raw.

The moisturizer is also really light which I like and hasn’t made my skin oily or break out. Two thumbs up!

The Perfecting Skin Tint has rotated itself out of my routine—it’s super super light, and while it’s definitely build-able, I’ve been opting for a slightly heavier foundation these days. I think I might bring it back in the summer, once my sun-kissed skin doesn’t need so much help.

And then theres the Balm Dotcom, which has been a lifesaver with the crazy weather we’ve been having that’s chapping my lips beyond belief. It actually makes a difference and keeps my lips soft even when I don’t reapply it every five seconds. Total win and I’m not going anywhere without it.

Glad to be pared down to three products, finally!