We’ve been talking a lot at the studio about this idea that less is more and that we’re all trying to disconnect and simplify things a bit. So, as I mentioned, a big part of that for me has been reading much more than binge watching shows (still guilty of this), spending hours getting sucked into the black hole that is Instagram, and playing Two Dots

So while I was on vacation for the holidays I devoured Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff. It’s the story of a marriage, told first from the perspective of the husband (Fates) and then from the perspective of the wife (Furies). It reminded me in some ways of my favorite TV show, The Affair, and it also happened to be President Obama’s favorite book of 2015. It’s funny and tragic and lovely and secretive and sensual—it touches all of the things that span a great relationship, and the complexities of the people who become a part of your world through a relationship—and I couldn’t put it down.