Who thought those two words would go together?

No one really , right? For years, fashion has been left to the exclusive ranks of those who could afford it, or know someone who knows someone who can get you a discount. But with Zara and Insert Designer Name Here for H&M making fashion accessible for everyone, its actually on trend to be inclusive.

Designers are casting real people as models, found on tumblr (Diesel) and Instagram (talking to you Mr. Jacobs) for their runway shows and ad campaigns* . Do you think we’re headed toward real inclusiveness in the fashion industry? One where the people who not only buy the clothes, actually model them as well?

Does this new way of casting ( on the street, Instagram, tumblr …) mean we all have a chance to become the next Kate Moss?

*Lanvin, Givenchy, and even Barney’s have all recently featured real people in their campaigns