In a recent episode of Girls, Shoshanna (check out Zosia Mamet’s podcast here!) leaves behind her familiar streets of New York to take on a new job in technicolor Tokyo. And she’s thriving! She has a new home, a new hair color, new friends, and a new attitude.

The incredible part about the episode is that Shoshanna loses her job, and even in the face of more uncertainty decides to stay in Tokyo because she loves the life that she has built there.

Shoshanna’s bravery got us thinking about the impact a big move can take on a person’s life. Although scary, a new place can reveal so much about you and can steer your path in a completely different direction. Just take Garance and New York as an example!

Has a big, risky move ever done this for you? Furthermore, are there any places that you’ve always wanted to move to?