I’ve always been envious of girls with super long lashes…

The other day I ran into a friend who had eyelash extensions and I couldn’t stop staring at her doll-like lashes. They. Were. Amazing. My average length lashes never felt so, well, average.

I know, I know, there are a number of solutions for my lash lust:
1. I could try a different mascara (Garance’s agent Delphine swears by Lancôme Hypnose and her lashes are quite enviable…)
2. I could finally learn to properly apply fake lashes (I usually end up with glue everywhere and lashes on my eyebrows– there MUST be a way to make it easier to apply them…)
3. I could bite the bullet and get the extensions (but then there is my fear of going blind…)

What’s a girl to do?

Why not combine all of those things (kinda…)?! I heard some interesting things about Too Faced Better Than False Lashes lash extension kit so I thought I would give it a shot. The kit includes a black mascara that acts as your base and top coat and a small tube full of tiny white nylon fibers. So first, you apply the base coat (I also curl my lashes before I start, you know for extra oomph), it goes on easy, like an everyday black mascara. Next, the magic happens. You apply 1-2 (or in my case THREE…I just can’t help myself) coats of the nylon fibers, which adhere to your lashes making them feel thicker and longer (really, you can feel them). Last, you apply another coat… or two of the black mascara and then you really see it. Longer? Check. Thicker? Check. They are the doll lashes of my dreams, no glue required!

A few helpful tips: Stick to just one or two coats of the fibers, three is a little excessive (my lashes were actually touching my brow bone and I had to keep checking to make sure I didn’t have little black marks left behind). Invest in a good eye makeup remover to take it all off, the package says warm water will do the trick, but I needed an extra boost (again, could be all those extra coats…)

I find myself winking at strangers a whole lot more these days (which actually, probably is a little creepy…)

Have you tried extensions? Do you have any tricks for getting mile long lashes?